MSSQL Blocks



Version (2009-04-15)

  • New version notifier added.
  • Stay on top capability added.
  • Start at Windows startup capability added.
  • Reconnect on error bug fixed.
  • MSSQL 2008 detection script fixed.
  • Installer bug fixed.

Version (2008-05-28)
  • Added filter for processes, now you can minimize server overhead.

Version (2007-12-05)
  • Fixed error "String or binary data would be truncated".
  • SQL queries now is in separated files, you can change it as you wish.

Version (2007-08-02)
  • Fixed problem with hiding SQL text for top level process of blocking.
  • Fixed problem with displaying and saving mutually blocking processes.
  • Added button to open snapshot's folder.

Version (2007-07-30)
Added automatic logging of sessions involved into blocking into XML format files. Also a text of SQL statement is loaded for block-related sessions (translator: via DBCC INPTBUFFER ?) . This version is still raw but stable.

Version (2007-07-25 )
New feature to prompt for login/password information during initial connection to SQL Server instance instead of storing it (as a clear text) in connection string (in INI-file) has been added. Now its possible to temporary pause server (instance?) without need to unregister it. Miscellaneous: "Esc" key can be used to close "Process Info" window and to minimize the main window (to the system tray).

Version (2007-06-21)
Fixed bug of server hanging in refresh state after network connection is restored. Autorefresh option added as a button on toolbar. Process Info context menu is now available for members of sysadmin server group only. Multiple sessions can be selected and copied to clipboard by Ctrl+Ins (translator: Ctrl-C wouldnt hurt either).

Version (2007-06-15)
There are several notifications (warning) options have been added and minor bugs fixed.

Version (2007-06-14)
Now it works with SQL2005, can be minimized to the system tray and notifies of blocks. Please dont mind the size (translator: used to be 666MB) its not a Satans sign, just a coincidence.


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