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MSSQL Blocks ver

This utility has been developed for collecting information on blocking/blocked processes (sessions) from multiple SQL Server 2000/2005 instances and presenting it in user-friendly format. The history behind creation of this utility is that we have our (translator: in-house developed) application which is running on several SQL instances and intermittently hangs (translator: due to blocks). To save us time of manually checking though all instances for possible long-running blocks I wrote this small program. It works through ADO in asynchronous mode. During refresh it fetches data from [sysprocesses] (system table) and transforms them into tree-like structure allowing to show only processes(sessions) in trouble. Now I can easily locate a problem just by running it. Being overjoyed by that I decided to share it maybe it can help someone else. Its written on Delphi, so I'd like to apologize for the size of it in advance


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